Friday, June 4, 2010

part 2

so the bug went with fairy."what is this place"asked bug.
"it is my hometown the place i live in."
"sweetheart,where have you been i was worried i wanna' talk
to you"so fairy went on.but bug sat there
with nothing to do so he looked,
"hmmmm...where would
king and queen fairy be?"
suddenly fairy came back."what are you looking for"
"i am looking for the king and queen you have any idea?"

"of couse i do"


see the part 3 tommarow.


ladybug fairy

if a lady bug and fairy were alike what would you do?
yes they can fly through
all the things
like rings and kings
what can a ladybug sleep with
and what can you sleep with?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the bug and the fairy

                                    Once  there was a's dream was to see something never the next day in his fine meadow,he saw something on a flower so he tried to look at it but he couldn't see it really well so he went a little closer and he saw..... a fairy   so he went closer and he said to that beautiful fairy,

                     " yo....u a fairy?" the fairy didn't know what this creature was or where it had come from."well,i am a fairy."
"i knew it!it's my dream to see something that is...not real!"         "who are you calling not real?me!i am real. i am standing in  front of your eyes.come.i will show you where my family you have a family?" 
"of course i do.i'm a ladybug."   so they set off.

                             part 2 next

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

oh i have had so many people contact mer on my phone.they are saying"harshita why aren't you writing anything?"so i have to mom said divya went to a website and if you write a good story or poem you would get a please can you go to my comments place and write what website it is.i forgot.


get a cop
you are noisy
and of course not so cozy
some people are worried
just like you make thunder noises which
people hurried.
make shaking
and just like you said you
scurry hurry
so please stop the rain

Sunday, March 28, 2010

my dream

you know the scariest dream i have had?well?do you?yes?okay!!!
well i was playing  outside with my friend was night for some reason.and then i rode down her big hill she has and then i try to go up but a car just comes and takes me.i yelled out"tiffany"(melody's sister) and she came running .she hit the stranger.andhe ran i will never go outside by my is just to  SCARY.TO O TOO SCARY!!!HERE IS THE POEM FOR NOW.

there was an old lady who swallowed a fish
there was an old lady who swallowed a fish 
she swallowed a fish that was her wish
there was an old lady who swllowed a tiger 
with some cider she swallowed a tiger
she swallowed the tiger with cider to eat the fish
tiger's don't eat fish why was that her wish
there was an old lady who swallowed  a spider.
the spider with a tiger with cider
she swallowed the tiger to eat the fish why?thats her wish.
there was an old lady who blew up
oh no she blew up in a fat cup
there was an old lady who died.she died cause
she lied that she swallowed a fish. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i part of my life

my friend's  name is kiley
and kiley is just  guyly
asking for  heleys
which is  a shoe
and that shoe is like aboo
my dog
the dog sits on a log all day
and it never plays
that part of my heart
i truely just like darts                                                                 veiw the sonic
shooting acrooss the sky
and up so high!

                                                                                      a star is like it's bad.i mean a human starAnd she is inventing this thing called"veiw the sonic"i wanna try it.she said it is a peice of candy.i hope i try them.because i have never tried them before.and usually she eats 5 and 7 pieces of candy. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii