Saturday, February 27, 2010


                                                   hello veiwers.o wanted to say that there is a peom and a story again.but first i wanted to say there is no comments.i am not saying it is bad.i just feel like i can't write a blog without comments.

i love my veiwers,
they are great
they're my mate
whic is pini
like sini
and madeline
like dadelenes
and praveen like
your mean
and raja like
and moni like
doni so poni
(poni is an telgu word)
that's the poem for today!hey!

yogurt's my favorite

everyday i eat is yummy.very very tasty,and feels soft like the companies.yoplait .yoplait is the only company i know for now.but one day,we ran out of yogurt."mom"i yelled."we are out of yogurt!"we went to every store in out town ,and no one seems to have yogurt.all they said was"sorry we are out""but yogurt is healthy isn't it?"i asked as a interogative sentance."no"mom said."no?but why"i said back."well it much calories does the yoplait yogurt have that you are eating?370?470?450?what come on sweetie tell me.""it"i said."170!oh no.that is too mother always said if you have more than 2,000 calories a day,you will be very very fat.and you can die.but if you want to get those calories out you gotta do 2,000 jumping if you eat 170 calories end of the day,then the nexr morning you need to do 170 jumping jacks to get those calories out"so what i did was my class said let's have yogurt.and then i knew exactly what to tell now you can eat yogurt but remember  don't eat whenever you want.

Friday, February 26, 2010

fund run

hi i know that i did a blog already but i want to tell about the fund friend cameron won a bracelet,a flying animal,a zartz it can stick on anything,and a hall of fame video and an ipod and a squishy ball and a helicopter a nerf sshooter.i ran 36 laps.and harita ran 2 weeks harita will get an i pod.i just wanted to let you know.


hello.story is going to be later.but first i want to write a blog.if you want tosee the first blog i ever have written,then all you need to do is on the side where me and my sister's picture is,there it says"2009".click it.and it says dates.pick the one that says april 1st.and it shows the first for story and pom.

                                                         my book

my book is fantastic
it is all about gymnastic
it shows splits
it also has a savings kit
it shows kartwheels
and market wheels,
but the thing is
my friend liz
is not flexible
so i am textable to her.but,i have to join her
so the gymnastic people could stir  her.

now for the story.
   my best friend

   a new kid came to our town.i went outside and saw her.but when i saw the girl i felt bad.why do i need to be her friend?i am not happy.but i asked her name.she said "my name is ..."and before she could say her name,her mom said"sweetie.we need to go""nooooooooo"i yelled."but your name"she looked and said"mel..."and left.i never knew her name.till,iwent to there home and saw and asked what is your name?she said melody."oohh melody"i said."let's be friends"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the bunny on the moon

i look up into the sky everyday.i see nothing.15 days later i saw a white cresent.i never saw it before.i asked mom."it's a moon"moon?i said."a moon comes out every shows different pictures every day.and if you look closely you can see a was made years ago."said mom.once there was a prayer.he prayed.and said"3 animals."a bunny a sea otter and a monkey.they wanted to give something for the monkey got mangoes.the sea otter got fish,but the bunny?he got nothing.he couldn't find anything.he tried hard.and then he said it."i will give myself to charity""no!no!"said the monkey and the bunny started the fire with sticks.and shiva was watching them.when the bunny jumped into the fire.the god thought he was kitting so he didn't kill it.but then he created a real fire and burned the now the bunny is shaped on the moon for that honesty.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

poem and a story

i know you are getting tired of poems.if you are not here is a story and a poem.

                                                     daisy and lucky
          daisy and lucky dogs that are lazy
all  they do is sleep
but what we do is peep
daisy wants food every minute
so she will win it.
lucky is quiet
so we will buy it
both like to play
like every day
so now we love them
so i guess we'll buy'em

here is a story

         the new animal

                     at my house we have a dog a cat a bunny and a rabbit,we have a horse in our backyard we have a cow a xchicken 5 sheep,and 9 kittens and puppies.we are having another mother won't tell me what it i ask her and she doesn't say anything.too bad.'beep beep."rang the doorbel."new animal"yelled the man.i ran to the door and opened the was...a pig.2 pigs and 5 baby pigs.which is called pig...lets.another box came."ooooh!yeah"i said.i opened the box again.and it was 3 chipmunks and 3 chipets.i thought my house was a zoo.but,it is cool to have these many animals."ha ha ha"

the end!!!

 oh and please leave a comment.i was waiting for the past 2 comment?

Friday, February 19, 2010


         her is another peom but it is long.and i didn't see a comment on stories.

                                       new student
i had a new student
but how could my teacher
she couldn't
we have 21 already
but now it's like a sun on a bun.
i have 19 friends
just like the teacher sends
we had another new student but lot of people think the teacher shouldn't.

do you like it.of coure it's funny.sure to leave a comment.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

story again and fund raiser

                       i read your fund raiser comment

                                              my name

                                    my name was hard to be picked
cause my name tag was licked
 i don't know who it was
why?just because.
my mom doesn't know either
so now what shall i do go or play oh neither
so now i saw a name
i thinks it's okay to claim

               do you like the's good.thanks for the comment priyadarshini.or pini!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

another story

hello.did you have a nice day?okay lets start.

                                 my best friend sally

                 we were having a new person who lives in our neighborhood.there is also a kid.her name is sally.i want to be her best best friend.she also maybe will go to our school.

              5 days later

                                  sally came.i mean the new family.i saw sally.she looked pretty.i asked if i could play with her and introduce myself.when i did i wasnt happy.sally wouldnt share anything with me.i was playing with this barbie doll and she yelled"hey.dont you touch my grandmother gave it to me"sobut then i said "i'm not your friend anymore"i said.sally's face got red and sad.she said sorry.and i said"huuuuuuuuhh"fine.i we became friends forever.

         the end.

       thank you for reading this.

and by the way.i am having a fund raiser at my school so please leave a comment to see if you want to donate some money.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nice 4 day weekend

nice 4 day weekend?

did you guys have a nice 4 day weekend?great lets see the story for today.

                                          jolly monroe

     a town called ,jolly was really having no child birth for a long time.but a year later it began.a baby was born.the mother was happy.she named the baby boy,jolly monroe.when jolly grew 4 his mother and father he got taken by child carers.when jolly was 15 the child carers let jolly go.jolly built a home with wood and found a coumphy giant thing.he thought that he could use that to sleep with.he called it mattress.cause it's a mat.jolly then found a tiger and for food the tiger would go to grocery stores and scare people away and take food.jolly found  some oil on the ground.and some wax and chalkdust.he mixed it all together and made it hard.after it was finished jolly drew withit on his house to make it look colorfull.

                            he made all different colorsthen he named it crayyon.he drew and drew.then one day the tiger went to get food and people had guns this time.soon when jolly heard the gun noise(boooommshhoom)he . quickly went over and when he looked the tiger was dead.they also shot jolly.but now people buy his crayons and his mattresses.i hope you do.

           so now,what do you think of when you see crayons or mattresses?hmmmmm.i think of



Friday, February 12, 2010

stories i saw and said maybe i should write i am.i will write a story is the story.

                                                        my happy life
                          today was the day i had a good know why?because i got an A on my spelling is good because sometimes you get an fFon things and next probably you get an A on things.but today i got an A on everything.when i got home i showed my mother i got an A on everything.and i said"this is my happy life"

my mother believed me.she was really happy.she said"go upstairs."i said okay.then when i came downstairs for dinner,my mom said"sometimes you don't have a happy life.sometimes you have bad things in your life"i got scared.
       then when i grew big to 86 years old i did things i couldnt do,like grab a pencil when you are old.but then at the age of 100 i died.but see?not everything good happens in your life.but you will always have a happy life.
                                            THE   END

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentines day

hello again!.tomorrow is the day my class passes out ALL their valentines.i am so excited.and it is also harita's birthday.i am excited.and also tomorrow is when holidays house.not holidays house just holidays.i can see who comes to our blog because i have a viewers thing and can see who comes to our blog.i didn't see any comments.i am sad.well we are going out of town on Friday and i don't know if i can write my blog.well,maybe i can.and dint go to haritamy,its not really good.go to our comments and write happy birthday to harita.i will also call you sometimes cause i know your does anyone celebrate holidays.i mean valentines day?let me know!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

school time name is Harshita and next to me is Harita.we are watching a are 3 things to tell you what we did mostly.
  • i went to balavihar
  • i also ate and is watching a movie
  • i then is going to play with dogs and get ready for school
so i was seeing the school part.well,i had a bad week last week.that could of been my worst week of my life.i saw people vote on my poll.tomorrow i will tell you about a new thing.see uh!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

hello again

hello again.before you read this think about,did you have a nice day?,were you patient?no?okay i guess you did have a good day.but if you didn't,then it is bad to read this.i know you didn't.some people don't understand.well then,,lets start. 12647394057637 look at these you will see it is like a lottery ticket.on my comment page,write a comment and i will say you win.and the winners name will be on this blog,as their prize.this ends the end of February.have a nice day.oh and please send a comment.and play PAC man.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


sorry.its been a long time.very long is now 2010.are you enjoying a new year?i am very sick today.i had 2 exams today and i had to miss them.have you ever been sick.very sick?okay.daisy and lucky's birthday is comming soon.if you have our number call us is a story i was trying to tell you for a long time.:at nightime i was sleeping.then a pan dropped,and someone said yeah.:see,isnt it very scary.welli promise i will write every single day.i couldnt because my mom had the by. a message for telgu people. nuvu ma party ke ravali.august lo unde.ipure ravukuradu.august lo