Thursday, June 3, 2010

the bug and the fairy

                                    Once  there was a's dream was to see something never the next day in his fine meadow,he saw something on a flower so he tried to look at it but he couldn't see it really well so he went a little closer and he saw..... a fairy   so he went closer and he said to that beautiful fairy,

                     " yo....u a fairy?" the fairy didn't know what this creature was or where it had come from."well,i am a fairy."
"i knew it!it's my dream to see something that is...not real!"         "who are you calling not real?me!i am real. i am standing in  front of your eyes.come.i will show you where my family you have a family?" 
"of course i do.i'm a ladybug."   so they set off.

                             part 2 next

  sorry about so many days.i was too busy leave more comments.

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