Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Welcome to the H.H blog.now on this site you can read or do something.like play games.i only created 1 game.but i promise i will make new ones.i have two dogs.their are daisy and lucky.they are only one year old. Me and Harita are very good.we eat good Indian food.we are indians,too.we play together,we ride scooters together.and one day,on this blog,you will get a race game.it is about me, melody,harita race with a scooter.be careful to drive slowly.You can also maybe one day print out our coloring pages.one day.i really hope you enjoy me and harita's website.we will soon create more games in the summer. you want to know more just come out in this website everyday and you can read a new blog.we will also make videos one day.maybe in the summer.well good luck! how to play: hangman(diffrent)click a letter in the box and then if it is wrong it will show you.you will type a letter and it will show on the lines!

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