Thursday, March 4, 2010


                                                     i thought your name was faought
                                                         i thought your name was faught
                                                      i think faought maent to talk
                                                        i think talk meant to walk
                                                     and i thought walk meant caought
                                                             and caought meant bought
                                                                     and i thought baought meant to go to school
                                                       but every word i said didn't make sense i said
                                                               i walk  a faught and caught .and the teacher waid what?!

                                mom said no

                  i asked my mother if i could play outside with my friends.she said no.i asked if i could do the chores and she said no for that as well.i asked if i could play in the snow and she said no again.i asked if i could play on the computer or play the piano or even go to school and guess whtat she said."no!"i got frightened.she said no to school?i said again can i go to school?and she said of course yes you aren't missing it.hmmm?how about video games the computer or playing in the snow?of course ues!but first go to school then you can."if you are normal then...who was the other mother?

 if you want to know go and see the answer tommarow.


Priyadarshini said...

Hi girls!!
donno who drew this painting below, but all i can say is its beautiful, excellent.

well talking about mom in your posting.

i know you girls love your mom, she is proud of you. make her more proud.. do your chores on time, don't make her yell at you. Mom is the only person who sacrifices all her favorites things for you just to spend more time with you. give her lots of hugs everyday.. tell her how much you love her every day, that acts like a vitamin tablet for her. your love and caring makes her more strong and active.
i think i am getting too much emotional here...
i love my mom too... she is nice loving and caring, though there are days when we get mad at her, but she still cooked for us, took good care of us. bought several gifts for us. she is amazing. Moms always want and wish for good things to her kids. Be prouf of her and thank god everyday for givign such a beautiful woman for us.

Raja said...

hahah..amma says no to everything..who is the other normal amma..thats very funny.