Saturday, February 27, 2010


                                                   hello veiwers.o wanted to say that there is a peom and a story again.but first i wanted to say there is no comments.i am not saying it is bad.i just feel like i can't write a blog without comments.

i love my veiwers,
they are great
they're my mate
whic is pini
like sini
and madeline
like dadelenes
and praveen like
your mean
and raja like
and moni like
doni so poni
(poni is an telgu word)
that's the poem for today!hey!

yogurt's my favorite

everyday i eat is yummy.very very tasty,and feels soft like the companies.yoplait .yoplait is the only company i know for now.but one day,we ran out of yogurt."mom"i yelled."we are out of yogurt!"we went to every store in out town ,and no one seems to have yogurt.all they said was"sorry we are out""but yogurt is healthy isn't it?"i asked as a interogative sentance."no"mom said."no?but why"i said back."well it much calories does the yoplait yogurt have that you are eating?370?470?450?what come on sweetie tell me.""it"i said."170!oh no.that is too mother always said if you have more than 2,000 calories a day,you will be very very fat.and you can die.but if you want to get those calories out you gotta do 2,000 jumping if you eat 170 calories end of the day,then the nexr morning you need to do 170 jumping jacks to get those calories out"so what i did was my class said let's have yogurt.and then i knew exactly what to tell now you can eat yogurt but remember  don't eat whenever you want.


Priyadarshini said...

Hola Harita & Harshita,

Hope you girls are doing great!!, so congratulation Harita, heard you got an Ipod in school fund raising program. thats fantastic. keep up the good work...

Its been a while i have not visited your blog. your are posting good stories, but the continuation is missing... hehe i am afraid to say, the blog is more like your diary. i suggest you choose a topic to write about it, this way this it will be useful in your school creative writing program going forward!!!

Priyadarshini said...

your right Harshita!!! yougurt is yummy and healthy, healthy food begins at home. Yoplait has too much sugar in it. eat plain yougurt instead. i remember my mom and dad encouraged us to eat curd rice with a fruit in it.

sometimes i even sustitute rice with this easy yogurt recipe, try it i hope you will definitely like. i can 100% straongly say this is yummier than yoplait.

Recipe is:
1 cup home made yougurt
1/2 cup any cut fruit (cut them in to small cubes) you like
doesn't really matter if you use just or assorted fruits.
i tried this recipe seperately with pomegrate seeds, grapes, banana, honey dew, pineapple slices, oranges, kiwis blueberries and strawberries...
check it out and tell me if you like it or not.

see ya!!!
Have a good weekend!!,
Love Pinni