Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the bunny on the moon

i look up into the sky everyday.i see nothing.15 days later i saw a white cresent.i never saw it before.i asked mom."it's a moon"moon?i said."a moon comes out every night.it shows different pictures every day.and if you look closely you can see a bunny.it was made years ago."said mom.once there was a prayer.he prayed.and said"3 animals."a bunny a sea otter and a monkey.they wanted to give something for charity.so the monkey got mangoes.the sea otter got fish,but the bunny?he got nothing.he couldn't find anything.he tried hard.and then he said it."i will give myself to charity""no!no!"said the monkey and otter.so the bunny started the fire with sticks.and shiva was watching them.when the bunny jumped into the fire.the god thought he was kitting so he didn't kill it.but then he created a real fire and burned the bunny.so now the bunny is shaped on the moon for that honesty.

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