Friday, February 26, 2010


hello.story is going to be later.but first i want to write a blog.if you want tosee the first blog i ever have written,then all you need to do is on the side where me and my sister's picture is,there it says"2009".click it.and it says dates.pick the one that says april 1st.and it shows the first for story and pom.

                                                         my book

my book is fantastic
it is all about gymnastic
it shows splits
it also has a savings kit
it shows kartwheels
and market wheels,
but the thing is
my friend liz
is not flexible
so i am textable to her.but,i have to join her
so the gymnastic people could stir  her.

now for the story.
   my best friend

   a new kid came to our town.i went outside and saw her.but when i saw the girl i felt bad.why do i need to be her friend?i am not happy.but i asked her name.she said "my name is ..."and before she could say her name,her mom said"sweetie.we need to go""nooooooooo"i yelled."but your name"she looked and said"mel..."and left.i never knew her name.till,iwent to there home and saw and asked what is your name?she said melody."oohh melody"i said."let's be friends"

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