Friday, February 12, 2010

stories i saw and said maybe i should write i am.i will write a story is the story.

                                                        my happy life
                          today was the day i had a good know why?because i got an A on my spelling is good because sometimes you get an fFon things and next probably you get an A on things.but today i got an A on everything.when i got home i showed my mother i got an A on everything.and i said"this is my happy life"

my mother believed me.she was really happy.she said"go upstairs."i said okay.then when i came downstairs for dinner,my mom said"sometimes you don't have a happy life.sometimes you have bad things in your life"i got scared.
       then when i grew big to 86 years old i did things i couldnt do,like grab a pencil when you are old.but then at the age of 100 i died.but see?not everything good happens in your life.but you will always have a happy life.
                                            THE   END


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Priyadarshini said...

sweetie, good things will always happen to good people, though tthere are some up and downs, beleive in God, make sure u pray him atleast once a day.. i suggest you make it a habit of praying him right after taking shower..

Also remember to work hard, if you work hard and fill your bucket with self confidence, no one can ever beat you.... you will never get an F in any subject .. be it math or Science or English, you always get an A. Concentrate.... on what you are working

Hard work + Concentratation + Confidence == Success all your life.

Keep your self strong ( eat healthy food, do your work without anyone telling you...) i know its hard to start doing it right away but practice one thing every day.. i am sure cultivating good habits will make you strong

Harshita & Harita said...

hello harshita,love your blo9g