Saturday, February 20, 2010

poem and a story

i know you are getting tired of poems.if you are not here is a story and a poem.

                                                     daisy and lucky
          daisy and lucky dogs that are lazy
all  they do is sleep
but what we do is peep
daisy wants food every minute
so she will win it.
lucky is quiet
so we will buy it
both like to play
like every day
so now we love them
so i guess we'll buy'em

here is a story

         the new animal

                     at my house we have a dog a cat a bunny and a rabbit,we have a horse in our backyard we have a cow a xchicken 5 sheep,and 9 kittens and puppies.we are having another mother won't tell me what it i ask her and she doesn't say anything.too bad.'beep beep."rang the doorbel."new animal"yelled the man.i ran to the door and opened the was...a pig.2 pigs and 5 baby pigs.which is called pig...lets.another box came."ooooh!yeah"i said.i opened the box again.and it was 3 chipmunks and 3 chipets.i thought my house was a zoo.but,it is cool to have these many animals."ha ha ha"

the end!!!

 oh and please leave a comment.i was waiting for the past 2 comment?

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Priyadarshini said...

OH Boy!!! so many pets ? is it a house or Zoo dear... your mom sure loves animals more than people.. don't she??