Wednesday, February 17, 2010

another story

hello.did you have a nice day?okay lets start.

                                 my best friend sally

                 we were having a new person who lives in our neighborhood.there is also a kid.her name is sally.i want to be her best best friend.she also maybe will go to our school.

              5 days later

                                  sally came.i mean the new family.i saw sally.she looked pretty.i asked if i could play with her and introduce myself.when i did i wasnt happy.sally wouldnt share anything with me.i was playing with this barbie doll and she yelled"hey.dont you touch my grandmother gave it to me"sobut then i said "i'm not your friend anymore"i said.sally's face got red and sad.she said sorry.and i said"huuuuuuuuhh"fine.i we became friends forever.

         the end.

       thank you for reading this.

and by the way.i am having a fund raiser at my school so please leave a comment to see if you want to donate some money.

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Priyadarshini said...

Hi Harshita,
Your story is good, is it a real one or you made it up...??

Sure, i am in for your fundrasing program?? let me know what what is it about?? whom are you raising these funds for??

ok good night and sleep tight if you get this commen ttoday or have a good day ahead if you read this comment tomorrow...

Bye nana Love you!!!