Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nice 4 day weekend

nice 4 day weekend?

did you guys have a nice 4 day weekend?great lets see the story for today.

                                          jolly monroe

     a town called ,jolly was really having no child birth for a long time.but a year later it began.a baby was born.the mother was happy.she named the baby boy,jolly monroe.when jolly grew 4 his mother and father died.so he got taken by child carers.when jolly was 15 the child carers let jolly go.jolly built a home with wood and found a coumphy giant thing.he thought that he could use that to sleep with.he called it mattress.cause it's a mat.jolly then found a tiger and for food the tiger would go to grocery stores and scare people away and take food.jolly found  some oil on the ground.and some wax and chalkdust.he mixed it all together and made it hard.after it was finished jolly drew withit on his house to make it look colorfull.

                            he made all different colorsthen he named it crayyon.he drew and drew.then one day the tiger went to get food and people had guns this time.soon when jolly heard the gun noise(boooommshhoom)he . quickly went over and when he looked the tiger was dead.they also shot jolly.but now people buy his crayons and his mattresses.i hope you do.

           so now,what do you think of when you see crayons or mattresses?hmmmmm.i think of



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Raja said...

hahaha..thats a very funny and cute story guys. good job..keep it up. :)